Let’s try with a simple definition: programmatic advertising helps you to automates the process to decide where ads are placed. It is based on AI (artificial intelligence) and RTB (real-time bidding) for online display and it’s also getting into social media and TV.


Programmatic advertising is a process to organize the “digital advertising world” that is currently highly fragmented. This approach obviously maximizes the ROI (return on investment).

Through this kind of advertising it’s possible to reach the right audience at the right time.

Think to combine data about geolocalisation, age, gender, sport passions, hobbies, qualification and son on: there are billions of possible targeting combinations to choose from. 

That’s the reason why manual campaigns optimization, based on trial-and-error schemes to determine what’s the best way to advertise, waste a significant share of the budget.

Programmatic advertising, when you set your campaign’s information (KPI and Goals) starts using predictive analysis using data, and evolves using performance driven algorithms thinking in real-time using AI. 

Like an autopilot that works 24 hours per day, programmatic advertising gets you where you want and adjusts itself quickly to changing market dynamics because it can analyse real time data to self-fit.

Artificial Intelligence technologies don’t replace marketers, but strengthen their know how.

With this approach, marketers can focus on other campaign aspects, such as the creative, timing and pricing, overall strategy.


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