digital channels

As I said in other articles there are a lot channels through which your digital marketing can be delivered. First of all I’ll try to list the most important:


  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) 

    • Bidding for placement at search engines to earn visibility and traffic when relevant queries are performed
    • Examples: Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, etc.
  • Display Advertising

    • Placing ads on third-party websites with the goal of creating branding awareness and/or generating traffic
    • Examples: Banner ads, video ads, interstitials, etc.
  • Online Public Relations

    • Generating media from primarily online outlets in order to earn branding and traffic
    • Examples: PRNewswire, PRWeb, Internet media focused PR agency work, etc.
  • Content Marketing

    • Creating content includes text, graphics, videos, and other related materials people are looking for and are very interested in. Content marketing remains constant despite the many changes that occur in the marketplace.
    • Examples: company blog, youtube channel, slideshare profile, etc. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Earning rankings in the "organic" results of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing)
    • Examples: Keyword research, on-page optimization, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    • Leveraging social media platforms to earn visibility and traffic
    • Examples: Facebook pages, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn ads, etc.
  • Email Marketing

    • Collecting email addresses from potential leads and marketing to them via email
    • Examples: Email newsletters, conversion-focused emails, etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing

    • Incentivizing other sites to push your product in exchange for a share of the revenue they drive
    • Examples: tradedoubler, in-house affiliate programs, etc.

Each web marketing channel works better for some goals, less for other. But whatever be your goal, you need a correct mix of digital channels

  • Brand Awareness (familiarity with your business, brand, products and services). If this is your goal, you could use these digital marketing channels:
  1. Social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  2. Engaging with targeted audience through social channels.
  3. Channels that promote visual elements like Instagram.
  • Sales Generation (products and services to generate sales through online channels). If you have an e-commerce website, or have products and services to sell online, you could use these web marketing channels:
  1. Amazon Resellers
  2. Facebook 
  3. Google Shopping
  4. Google Search Network
  5. Google Display Network
  6. Affiliate Marketing Networks
  7. Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation (generate leads and connect with potential customers). Digital marketing channels that are good for lead generation includes:
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  3. Display Advertising
  4. Google Search Network
  5. Blogging and other content marketing channels
  6. Email marketing

Obviously I gave you simple context about channels and goals. Pay attention: a mistake about these aspects could affect all your digital strategy. And you could waste money on useless advertising.


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