remarketing for branding marketing

The average conversion rate of a website is only 2% on the first visit. Remarketing (or Retargeting) help enterprises to reach the other 98% of users. Remarketing is a kind of digital advertising that can help you to “chase” the users with your brand after they have left your website.

Retargeting’s technology works on cookies and uses Javascript code to “follow” your bounced users all over the Web.

To explain it a bit deeply, you put a small piece of code (called pixel) on your website. Visitors can’t notice the pixel and it doesn’t degrade your website’s performance. Each time a new user lands on your website, the pixel puts a browser cookie. Then, while your visitors are continuing to surf the Web, the cookie permits your retargeting provider to know when to show ads. In this way you are sure that your advertising is shown only to people who have visited your website and they can become, step by step, more familiar with your brand.

That’s why remarketing is so effective in branding strategies and conversions optimization. But it can’t be the only digital marketing channel, you need a complete digital strategy.

Retargeting increases conversion rate, but obviously it can’t drive people to your website (by definition, because all users that can see this kind of advertising have already visited your website).

On the other hand other channels and strategies like social media marketing, AdWords, content marketing, and targeted display are great for driving traffic, but they don’t help with conversion optimization.

These are the reasons why to reach your goals a web agency must analyse your business, and your web presence and mix digital (and also off-line) channels and tools to create your own digital strategy.


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