PPC, Google AdWords is the Leader channel

First of all, you have to think about who’s your target market. To design highly targeted Google AdWords digital campaigns you must know the customers you want to reach.

    • Are they companies or individuals?
    • Are they in the local market?
  • Do they know your products?
  • What do they want while they’re searching: buy right now or collect information?
  • Do they usually search by desktop or mobile?

Let’s try to understand with a classic Maltese example: you have an Italian restaurant:
Who is your customer?

  • He is local (it’s not so important if he lives here or he’s a tourist)
  • He is probably searching by mobile
  • He wants to find an amazing new place for dinner
  • He has seen your restaurant before, but never been a customer

What can I offer? To have a perfect digital marketing campaign, you need to show how your business gets the desired results for your target customer.

  • Why your customer should click your ad?
  • Why is your restaurant unique and different than your hundreds competitors?

My possible offer:

  • Our Italian chef won a lot of awards for his fish dishes
  • We get fresh fish every day by the oldest fisherman in Marsaxlockk
  • A few restaurants in Malta offer only express food

You are trying to be seen by your target customers exactly while they are looking for your offer. Google AdWords (and not only) in fact represents “intent marketing”.
Try to think what your customer would type into Google when he looks for what you offer. The keywords are one of the most important things of an AdWords online campaign.

  • The freshest fish in Malta
  • Best chef in Malta
  • Best dinner at affordable price

Obviously you must have your campaign objectives. For a restaurant is quite simple, but in general:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increase your website traffic (how much?)
  • Generate “Leads”
  • Increase your online sales (how much?)
  • ……(they’re your objectives, not mine)

You also have to think about what you want your potential customer do when he sees your digital advertising. This regards your business objectives for your campaigns: there are some possible actions to interact with your advertising:

  • Phone you (maybe directly by “tapping” your mobile adv)
  • Make a reservation online
  • Click to reach a landing page
  • Like your Facebook page
  • Buy a product

These are called “Call-to-Actions” (CTA). A perfect CTA must be short, easily achievable, and simple to understand.
In some businesses are really popular the “flash sales” (time limited offers): exclusive discounts in a moment, for a few people that leverage the sense of scarcity.
You should also check out what your competitors are doing with Google AdWords and other web advertising strategies too. Try to create a simple competitive analysis and list out the strengths and weaknesses of their web campaigns (but also the off-line campaigns). Think about how you can exceed them, to win more customers.

  • If they are on Google My Business, are you?
  • Is your product better?
  • Are they more expensive than you?
  • Can you use a better Call to Action?

Obviously you need a budget to boost your business. You can simulate your Google AdWords campaign to check a reasonable investment and understand how you can mix also the other digital channels. (but there is a specific article about this topic).
Google AdWords price is a “bid based system”. If you are not expert on online advertising, this could sound strange. Let’s try to understand even if hiring a Web Agency should be the right choice.
The most important concept you need to know is the standard PPC (Pay Per Click) (or CPC - Cost Per Click).
PPC allows you to set your advertising spend based on the number of clicks on your ad. You will spend part of your budget for every click. Google can automatically set your bid for each click. You must only calculate a daily budget that fits your business needs. To start, I could suggest about €20 - €30/ day range. You can analyse your campaign, and adjust your budget whenever you want.
But you can also use the “Maximum Cost Per Click” (Max. CPC bid). This is a manual procedure through which you can fix the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click on each keyword. Here’s where the experience is needed because strategy comes in. The more you “can pay” for a click, the more you’ll get traffic. Like in a real auction you are bidding against your competitors. But you need experience, in this case a web agency support is nearly mandatory.
Anyhow you need to know your budget limits and the returns you need.

How long my Google AdWords campaign is going to run? You need to plan this while you are planning your goals: obviously the timing for a Brand Awareness campaign is totally different by the one that advertise a Valentine’s dinner.
But plan your web campaign duration if you don’t want to pay the same ads for eternity!

With Google AdWords and Analytics (you can link up them), there are a lot of ways to track and measure your digital campaigns.

You will measure what you want to reach for your web advertising:

  • Number of email
  • Value of sales
  • Number of phone calls
  • Number of bookings
  • Number of clicks to your landing page

You have only to setup your results tracking system before launching your campaign. With your data you can optimize your digital advertising in real time and test variations.

Is it difficult? Maybe a bit! This is the reason why I suggest to contact a good Web Agency like Malta Performance! But if you want to try, I’ve given you a lot of information!


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