What are cookies (for dummies)

cookies to target digital advertising

Cookies are small files placed on the browser’s cache of each computer. They contain information that a website can use to remember that user. Cookies have been invented by Lou Montulli in 1994 to meet the need to add a sort of "memory" to HTTP.

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Can social media boost business?

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and TripAdvisor for digital advertising

Social media are used for information, interaction and entertainment. Social media “websites” offer businesses the chance to use its volume economy, showing them with a highly increasing user base of potential customers and marketing target. The success of the two principal social media companies, Facebook and Twitter, should be encouragement enough.

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How to choose the right Web Agency, the Cheapest is not the Best

a cheap web agency is rarely the best

Let’s talk about the right website today. In order to be successful on the market you need the best brand experience for your potential customers.

Marketing has changed a lot over the past few years and with the social and mobile web the consumer can choose on many different platforms.

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Why a Website Must be Responsive

a responsive website to greet Google

The days of buying a domain, finding a hosting service, and put on some content are over. Almost everyone uses internet, but not everyone accesses websites using the same methods and devices. For business owners, bloggers, and others dependent on web traffic, responsive design is definitely important. Customers want to visit a website and experience a page that appears to speak directly to their needs. And nothing says "we don't want your business" like a badly configured webpage.

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