Some weeks ago I’ve read an interesting article based on Google data about tourism. Well, I live in a touristic island and I noticed a lot of touristic operators’ mistakes regarding web presence, web marketing channels’ mix and digital advertising.

Let’s try to take a look.

local Marketing

Since internet became accessible to everyday consumers, the information has grown in importance for the way we learn about things and communicate with each other. Most small business owners are conscious they can use web to find new vendors, study industry trends, and connect with a worldwide consumer base. However also some local business owners have started to take advantage of internet to market their business.


Let’s try with a simple definition: programmatic advertising helps you to automates the process to decide where ads are placed. It is based on AI (artificial intelligence) and RTB (real-time bidding) for online display and it’s also getting into social media and TV.

digital channels

As I said in other articles there are a lot channels through which your digital marketing can be delivered. First of all I’ll try to list the most important:

do you want to know more?


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